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Well, the answer is very simple. You start a business to sell your products and services to your customers. To do that you register your business, rent or buy a store for your business and finally you get all products at the store. However, you don’t really get too many customers at your store. Even if you have too many customers at your store you don’t see sales. This could happen may be because the location of your business, maybe the store is not well decorated or products has not been displayed properly at your store, maybe customer wants to sit at one place and order the product or service…etc. There could be various reason why you are not getting more customers and this could impact your business so badly.
This is when we come into the picture. Having a website for your business is an online presence. Its a marketing channel for your business. Today there are many marketing method or techniques available like bulk SMS, Email marketing, YouTube channel, tele calling, newspaper advertisement, tv advertisement and many more. All techniques bring visitors to your website and more traffic on your website will convert those visitors into your customers. In marketing terms, we call it conversion. And it is very much required to have a good website. Well designed, user- friendly, fast loading, a good navigation system, well developed, compatible with all latest browsers available and more important responsive design.
A bad website can ruin your business even if you have more and more visitors to your website. Because you don’t need more and more visitors if you can’t convert them into your customers.
There are many freelancers available on the market. Those have little knowledge about the coding and who can just create a website in a couple of hours without analyzing your business, without planning. Which can impact your business, your sales and you don’t let that happen.

Website design & Website development At WEBOPPIA:

Importance of website design and website development

Here, At WEBOPPIA we do analysis like website purpose, website goals, target audience. We do planning like sitemap, website structure, technologies that we are about to use. We focus on a design like a wireframe model, visual style, usability, UI, UX for best user experience. We focus on contents that are being used on your website like copywriting, photos & videos not just for your visitors but also for SEO. We focus on development. Here we develop HTML and CSS coding to develop your website, databases, we also make sure your website is responsive designed and workes on all devices available in the market today. We do testing like a technical test, we check if the website is compatible with all latest browsers and also, does the website fulfill all its purpose?

Once the website is hosted, we do not think our job is done. We do monitor your website and check if any bug, once found we fix them and later if you want we can update your website and features for you. Website design is a very much complex process. But we believe this how your website should be done.
So, if you love your business and don’t want to mess up with your sales activities. Design and develop your website today. Thinking of your business think WEBOPPIA.

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